Monday, 9 April 2012

Greek Political Risk (part II)

In this post, please read the analysis of an esteemed commentator and analyst, Andreas Koutras. In his post "Elections in Greece?" dated April 8, 2012, Andreas describes the Greek political Pantheon, as is! For our Greek readers, it is useful to read how a Greek from abroad but not an outsider reflects on Greece and Greece's hurdles.

I find his perspective absolutely spot-on although I don't exactly arrive at the same conclusion. None the less, this is the kind of debate we should all be having. What we need to consider before getting to the Polling Stations on Election Day is what kind of model -thus government- we need! The same corrupted version of the Two or a new doctrine, one that doesn't rely on promises to please the voters-clients but on solutions to the problems of modern Greece.

Andreas writes:
"Greek elections are, like the carnival, never boring. The next ones are promised to be even more so. It would be the first time that the Greek people would have the chance to express their views on what has happened to them the past three years."

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