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Grecovery (Mar'14)

Grecovery? Well, still not quite there yet! However, the trend is definitely reversing and gaining momentum!


Grecovery? (Oct21, 2013)

The development of Greek industrial new orders in the past two years is indicative of the situation. Although a +2.7% increase (a) is reported on August (year on year), the overall trend is/remains negative.
This despite the double digits increase in new orders from abroad (Vs 2012 and 2011)
What is even more remarkable is that the EU trade partners are a negative contribution to the series (b) despite the so called gain in competitiveness. On the other hand, third countries register +31% growth (c) on August (year on year)

ELSTAT Report (in Greek) 

ELSTAT Report (in English)


Grecovery? (Sep'13)

Grecovery? Not quite yet! But still the trend is reversing. Never too late to recognise a new trend!


Η Ελλάδα, το κατακεφαλήν ΑΕΠ και οι άλλοι

2012 (nominal US$)

Source: The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency, accessed on 2 March 2013. Population data obtained from Total Midyear Population, U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base, accessed on 2 March 2012. Note: Per capita values were obtained by dividing the GDP (official exchange rate) data by the population data. The figures were then rounded to the nearest hundred in typical Factbook fashion.



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