Saturday, 19 October 2013

Europe; where do we go from here?

Germany is going to push for a new Europe, one that will be less of a Union and more of a community with "shared values and policies". More power to the member state governments and less to the Commission and European bodies. A community of tight fiscal rules and disciplined budgets. 

PanGermania über alles.
This development, is empowered by the surging victory and vindication of Merkelismus, after the recent German elections. Such a development is expected to find allies in the UK political scene. Such a development will mean that suffering in the periphery and in particular Greece is going to continue. Growth for measures! Only for the willing.

This scenario did not come out of my head. Let's hope this stays a scenario and nothing more than that.

If the past serves as a guide for the future, the fall of the Roman Empire didn't happen in a day. It was a series of events. In our times, where historic time moves in warp speed, the chain of events may have already started. Is it too late? Only time will tell.

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